Inside Vinyl (Deluxe Fan Edition) [PRE-ORDER]

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Become a part of Mother Mother history when you pre-order the Inside Vinyl (Deluxe Fan Edition)! All fans who purchase this vinyl will have the opportunity to upload a photo of themselves that will be included with the vinyl on a special insert.

Please note: This item is a pre-order. The expected ship date is April 2023.

How To Upload

Following your purchase, an order confirmation will be sent to the email provided at checkout. This email will include an upload link that will allow you to upload your image to be included on the special insert. If you do not receive an email, please reach out to mothermothermerch@mainfactor.com who will send you an upload link upon verification of purchase. 

Track List

Disc 1 Side A

  1. Seven
  2. Two
  3. Sick Of The Silence
  4. Forgotten Souls
  5. Pure Love
  6. Weep
  7. I Got Love
  8. Stay Behind

Disc 1 Side B

  1. The Knack
  2. Girl Alone
  3. Like A Child
  4. Breathe
  5. Until It Doesn’t Hurt
  6. Inside

Disc 2 Side C

  1. Life
  2. Hayloft II
  3. All the Dying
  4. Frying Pan
  5. Conversations
  6. Turpentine
  7. Like a Child (Piano Demo)

Disc 2 Side D

  1. Burning Pile (Live from Santiago de Compostela)
  2. Life (Live from Santiago de Compostela)
  3. Verbatim (Live from Santiago de Compostela)
  4. Bit by Bit (Live from Santiago de Compostela)
  5. Hayloft + Girl Alone (Live from Santiago de Compostela)
  6. Hayloft II (Live from Santiago de Compostela)